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Best Sci-fi Movies || Available On Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar || Best Concept Movies!!

Best Sci-fi Movies Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar: Best Concept Movies!!


Science fiction movies have always been a favorite among movie buffs. The genre is known for its fascinating concepts, futuristic technologies, and mind-bending storylines. If you are a fan of Sci-fi movies, then you are in luck. There are some amazing Sci-fi movies available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar that you should not miss out on. Here is a list of some of the best Sci-fi movies that you can watch right now.


Netflix is home to a wide variety of Sci-fi movies that cater to all tastes. Some of the best Sci-fi movies available on Netflix include:

  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Ex Machina
  • Annihilation

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is a visually stunning sequel to the cult classic Blade Runner. The movie follows a replicant hunter named K as he uncovers a dark secret that could lead to the end of humanity. The film is a must-watch for fans of iconic Sci-fi movies.

Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a thought-provoking Sci-fi movie that explores artificial intelligence and the ethics surrounding it. The film follows a young programmer who is selected to participate in a groundbreaking experiment involving a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. The movie raises important questions about consciousness, identity, and morality.


Annihilation is a mind-bending Sci-fi movie that follows a group of scientists who enter a mysterious forbidden zone known as “The Shimmer”. Inside, they encounter strange phenomena and mutated creatures. The film is a visually stunning and thought-provoking journey that explores identity, self-destruction, and transformation.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime also has a great selection of Sci-fi movies that are worth watching. Some of the best Sci-fi movies available on Amazon Prime include:

  • Interstellar
  • Arrival
  • Upgrade


Interstellar is a visually stunning Sci-fi movie directed by Christopher Nolan. The film follows a group of astronauts who embark on a space mission to save humanity from a dying Earth. The movie explores time dilation, relativity, and the power of love in a way that is both emotionally resonant and intellectually stimulating.


Arrival is a thought-provoking Sci-fi movie that revolves around the arrival of alien spacecraft on Earth. The film follows a linguist who is recruited to communicate with the aliens and unravel the mysteries surrounding their visit. The movie explores themes of language, communication, and the nature of time.


Upgrade is a thrilling Sci-fi movie that follows a technophobe who is implanted with a computer chip that enhances his abilities. The film combines elements of action, horror, and Science fiction to create a unique and entertaining experience.


Hotstar also offers a great selection of Sci-fi movies that are worth watching. Some of the best Sci-fi movies available on Hotstar include:

  • Looper
  • Gravity
  • Her


Looper is a time-travel thriller that follows a hired gun who eliminates targets sent back in time. The film is a smart and entertaining Sci-fi movie that explores character, destiny, and consequences.


Gravity is a visually stunning Sci-fi movie that follows two astronauts stranded in outer space after their shuttle is destroyed. The film is a tense and gripping survival story that explores themes of isolation, resilience, and the power of the human spirit.


Her is a beautiful and thought-provoking Sci-fi movie that follows a man who develops a romantic relationship with an artificial intelligence operating system. The film explores themes of love, loneliness, and the nature of humanity in a poignant and moving way.


These are just a few of the many amazing Sci-fi movies available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. Whether you are a fan of space exploration, artificial intelligence, time travel, or alien encounters, there is something for everyone in the world of Sci-fi movies. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy these fascinating and mind-bending films.

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