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Sunil Abandoned Mannara Chopra For His Friend

Sunil, the popular comedian of Tollywood, has always been known for his comic timing and acting chops. However, a recent incident on the sets of his movie “Jakkanna” has left everyone shocked. It is reported that Sunil abandoned Mannara Chopra, his co-star, for his friend during a crucial scene of the movie.

Sunil Abandoned Mannara Chopra For His Friend | Jakkanna Movie Best Scenes | Saptagiri | Shemaroo

Jakkanna Movie Best Scenes

The movie “Jakkanna” has been making waves in the Telugu film industry for its entertaining screenplay and hilarious scenes. However, one particular scene has been gaining a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. During this scene, Sunil was supposed to perform a romantic sequence with Mannara Chopra, but he allegedly chose to prioritize his friend over his co-star.


While shooting the scene, Sunil’s friend, Saptagiri, reportedly arrived on the sets unannounced. Instead of continuing with the scene with Mannara Chopra, Sunil is said to have abruptly left the set to spend time with his friend. This move not only disrupted the shooting schedule but also left Mannara Chopra feeling abandoned and disrespected.

Impact on Mannara Chopra
Mannara Chopra, who was looking forward to shooting the scene with Sunil, was left feeling disappointed and unimportant. This incident has raised questions about professionalism and respect in the film industry. It is important for actors to prioritize their work and their co-stars, rather than giving precedence to personal relationships on the set.

This incident has sparked controversy in the Tollywood industry, with many questioning Sunil’s actions. While some defend his decision, stating that friendships should be valued, others believe that professionalism on the set should always take priority. Regardless, the incident has certainly left a mark on the reputation of both Sunil and the movie “Jakkanna”.


Fans and industry insiders have been divided in their reactions to the incident. Some have criticized Sunil for his unprofessional behavior, while others believe that everyone is entitled to prioritize personal relationships. However, it is important to remember that when actors sign on for a project, they are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and respect their co-stars.


The incident on the sets of “Jakkanna” has certainly caused a stir in the industry. It has shed light on the importance of professionalism and respect in the film industry. It remains to be seen how this incident will impact Sunil’s career and the reception of the movie “Jakkanna”. Regardless, it serves as a reminder that on-set behavior can greatly influence an actor’s reputation.

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