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Savitri’s Arrogance Affects NT Rama Rao


In the timeless classic movie “Missamma,” Savitri’s portrayal of the character Miss Laxmi creates compelling moments that exemplify her acting prowess. However, her arrogance behind the scenes had a significant impact on her co-stars, most notably, the legendary NT Rama Rao (NTR). This article takes a closer look at the best scenes of the movie, showcasing Savitri’s brilliance, while also shedding light on the personal dynamics that influenced the performances.

Savitri's Arrogance Affects NT Rama Rao | Missamma Movie Best Scenes | ANR | Jamuna | Shemaroo

The Unforgettable Movie – “Missamma”

Released in 1955, “Missamma” is a Telugu film directed by L.V. Prasad. Starring NTR, Savitri, and Jamuna, the movie tells the story of two unemployed teachers, Ram and Sheela, who find jobs at the same school, where Miss Laxmi becomes their boss. The film brilliantly blends comedy and drama, exploring the dynamics of the workplace and the relationships that develop between the characters.

Savitri’s Stellar Performance as Miss Laxmi


portrayal of Miss Laxmi is one of her finest performances in her illustrious career. With her impeccable comic timing and emotive expressions, she captivates the audience in every scene she appears. Her ability to balance the serious and comical aspects of the character showcases her versatility as an actress.

One of the best scenes in the movie is when Miss Laxmi finally reveals her true identity. As the strict boss, she presents a stern and authoritarian demeanor, disciplining her subordinates. However, when the truth comes out, and she unveils her softer side, the viewers are spellbound by Savitri’s transformation. Her performance truly captures the essence of the character.

Unpleasant Off-Screen Dynamics

Despite the on-screen chemistry and unforgettable performances, behind the scenes, there were rumors of conflicts between Savitri and NTR, due to Savitri’s arrogant behavior. These conflicts sometimes impacted the overall atmosphere of the movie set.

NT Rama Rao, known for his professionalism and humility, found it challenging to work alongside Savitri at times. His commitment to his craft did not waver, but it is believed that Savitri’s attitude hindered certain creative collaborations between them.

The Impact of Personal Dynamics on Performances

The tension between Savitri and NTR inadvertently influenced their performances in “Missamma.” Although their chemistry on-screen is fantastic, some scenes lack the usual fluidity seen in NTR’s performances. This could be attributed to the underlying tension experienced by both actors.

However, both NTR and Savitri were highly skilled actors, and their professionalism shone through, allowing them to deliver exceptional performances regardless of the off-screen dynamics. Despite the challenges, their talent and commitment to their craft never wavered.

In Conclusion

In the movie “Missamma,” Savitri brilliantly showcases her acting prowess as Miss Laxmi. Her ability to bring the character to life with her exceptional acting skills leaves a lasting impact on the viewers. However, behind the scenes, her arrogance affected the dynamics between her and NTR.

Ultimately, the professionalism and talent exhibited by both NTR and Savitri allowed them to overcome any personal conflicts and deliver stellar performances. “Missamma” remains a timeless classic, and the brilliant acting performances by these legendary actors continue to captivate audiences even today.

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