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Sapthagiri Sets A Trap For Ajay Ghosh

Sapthagiri Express Movie Best Scenes

Sapthagiri plays a pivotal role in the movie Sapthagiri Express as a funny and cunning character. In one of the best scenes of the movie, Sapthagiri sets a trap for Ajay Ghosh to teach him a lesson.

Sapthagiri Sets A Trap For Ajay Ghosh | Sapthagiri Express Movie Best Scenes | Shakalaka Shankar

Ajay Ghosh plays the role of a corrupt politician in the movie who is constantly causing trouble for the protagonist. Sapthagiri decides to take matters into his own hands and expose Ajay Ghosh for his wrongdoings.

Using his wit and comedic timing, Sapthagiri plans an elaborate scheme to trap Ajay Ghosh and bring him to justice. He enlists the help of his friend Shakalaka Shankar to execute the plan.

Shakalaka Shankar and Sapthagiri create a hilarious situation that leads Ajay Ghosh to fall into their trap unknowingly. The scene is filled with comedic moments and twists that keep the audience entertained throughout.

Ajay Ghosh eventually realizes that he has been outsmarted by Sapthagiri and faces the consequences of his actions. The scene serves as a turning point in the movie and showcases the cleverness of Sapthagiri as a character.

In conclusion, the scene where Sapthagiri sets a trap for Ajay Ghosh is one of the best moments in Sapthagiri Express that highlights the comedic and clever side of the character played by Sapthagiri. The chemistry between Sapthagiri and Shakalaka Shankar adds to the humor and entertainment value of the scene.

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