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The Villainess and the Demon Knight Vol. 2

Book Introduction: Marquise Cecelia and the Demon Knight

Chapter 1: Awakening to a New Reality

Marquise Cecelia finds herself abruptly awakened in the opulent bedroom of the notorious Demon Knight, Lucas Herbst. Disoriented and with memories hazy from the previous night, she soon discovers that she has been declared his future wife. However, she quickly realizes that Lucas’s unconventional expressions of love will keep her continuously on edge.

Chapter 2: Shielded from Scandal

Intriguing political upheavals unexpectedly intervene, sparing Marquise Cecelia from the disgrace and potential loss of her esteemed social standing. With her status secured, she navigates the complexities of her newfound engagement to Lucas, whose unorthodox affections challenge her at every turn.

Chapter 3: Love Warped, Desires Unveiled

As events unfold, Marquise Cecelia experiences the tumultuous nature of Lucas’s unconventional love. With each encounter, she finds herself balancing not only on her toes but also on her back, constantly striving to decipher his mysterious and intense desires.

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Seven Seas (August 8, 2023)

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August 8, 2023



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