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The History of Anime and Manga (All About Anime and Manga)

Introduction: The Fascinating World of Manga

Anime and Manga: A Timeless Japanese Phenomenon

Both anime and manga have captivated audiences in Japan for over a century, combining artistry and storytelling to create immersive experiences. In recent years, their appeal has extended far beyond Japan’s borders, captivating a vast international fanbase.

Manga: The Essence of Japanese Comic Books

With their origins deeply rooted in Japan, manga stands as a distinct form of comic books and graphic novels. Uniquely crafted by Japanese creators, manga offers a diverse range of narratives and styles, catering to readers of all ages. While many comic books and animated shows target specific age groups, anime and manga transcend these boundaries, captivating audiences from toddlers to adults.

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Publisher: Referencepoint Pr Inc (March 7, 2022)
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ISBN-10: 1678202223
ISBN-13: 978-1678202224
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