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The Dreaming manga volume 1

Amber and Jeanie’s Enigma at an Australian Boarding School

An Intriguing Tale of Mystery and Intrigue Unfolds

Join Amber and Jeanie, twin sisters full of curiosity and adventure, as they embark on a thrilling journey at an Australian boarding school. Little do they know, their innocent enrollment will lead them to unearth a terrifying secret.

A Sinister Enigma Haunting the Bushlands

Deep within the school’s surroundings lies a perplexing enigma, one that shrouds the campus in darkness. Students have vanished without a trace, mysteriously wandering into the bushlands only to vanish forever. The sisters cannot shake off the eerie feeling that surrounds them as they begin their own investigation.

An Unexpected Discovery

As they delve deeper into their school’s secrets, Amber and Jeanie stumble upon a shocking revelation. Uncovering clues and piecing together fragments of a perplexing puzzle, they become determined to uncover the truth behind these inexplicable disappearances.

Will the Sisters Unravel the Mystery?

With danger lurking around every corner, the brave twins are propelled into a spine-chilling adventure. Will they be able to solve the enigma before they too become victims of the haunting? Follow Amber and Jeanie as they confront their fears and battle against the unknown in this enthralling manga book.

About the Book

The manga book “Amber and Jeanie’s Enigma at an Australian Boarding School” was published by TOKYOPOP on April 4, 2019. Written in English, the book has a file size of 125575 KB and spans 184 pages. ISBN 1598163825

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