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Best Of Prahlad | Panchayat | Faisal Malik | Prime Video India

Best Of Prahlad | Panchayat | Faisal Malik | Prime Video India

An Introduction to Panchayat

Panchayat is a delightful web series streaming on Prime Video India that has gained immense popularity among viewers. Filled with hilarious moments, relatable characters, and a brilliant performance by Faisal Malik as Prahlad, it has become a fan-favorite. Prahlad’s character brings a unique charm to the show, making it a must-watch for fans of comedy-drama series.

The Journey of Faisal Malik

Unleashing the Talent:

Faisal Malik’s portrayal of Prahlad in Panchayat has catapulted him into the limelight. His impeccable comedic timing, natural acting skills, and exceptional ability to bring out the nuances of his character have captivated the audience. Prahlad quickly became a fan favorite and showcased the talent Malik possesses.

A Rising Star:

With Panchayat, Faisal Malik has undoubtedly established himself as a rising star in the entertainment industry. Prahlad’s character has brought him widespread recognition and critical acclaim. Malik’s ability to make the audience laugh with his hilarious antics while maintaining the authenticity and depth of the character is truly commendable.

Future Prospects:

Faisal Malik’s brilliant performance as Prahlad has undoubtedly opened up new doors for him in the industry. With his increasing popularity, Malik is likely to receive more significant opportunities in the future. Fans cannot wait to see what he does next and eagerly anticipate his future projects.

The Best Moments of Prahlad

1. The “Raasta Bhatakti Hai” Dialogue:

One of the most popular scenes from Panchayat is when Prahlad delivers the iconic “Raasta Bhatakti Hai” dialogue. It instantly became a viral sensation and gained immense popularity. Malik’s flawless delivery, combined with his hilarious expressions, turned this moment into a memorable one for fans.

2. The Cricket Commentary:

Prahlad’s hilarious cricket commentary during a local match is another standout moment in the series. His unique commentary style and witty comments had viewers laughing out loud. Faisal Malik’s portrayal of Prahlad’s enthusiasm for cricket added an extra layer of comedy to the scene.

3. The Conversation with Abhishek Tripathi:

In a heartwarming scene, Prahlad has a heartfelt conversation with Abhishek Tripathi, the show’s protagonist. Prahlad dispenses valuable life lessons and encourages Abhishek to pursue his dreams. Faisal Malik’s heartfelt performance in this scene beautifully showcases his acting prowess.


Panchayat is an extraordinary series that offers a perfect blend of comedy and drama. Faisal Malik’s character, Prahlad, adds an extra spark to the show with his impeccable comic timing and exceptional acting skills. The moments mentioned above are just a glimpse of the brilliance that Faisal Malik brings to the screen. With his talent and growing popularity, Malik’s future in the entertainment industry looks incredibly promising. As fans eagerly await his next project, they can relish the “Best of Prahlad” moments in Panchayat on Prime Video India.

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