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NT Rama Rao & Relangi Fools Savitri: Missamma Movie Best Scenes

NT Rama Rao & Relangi Fools SavitrišŸ˜‚ | Missamma Movie Best Scenes | ANR | Savitri | Jamuna


The Telugu film industry has seen the rise of many legendary actors and actresses who have left an indelible mark in the hearts of millions of fans. Among them, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, fondly known as NTR, and Savitri are two icons whose contributions to the industry are considered unparalleled. In the movie “Missamma,” their on-screen chemistry and comic timing reached new heights, with the support of comedian Relangi. This article will take you through some of the best scenes from the movie, where NT Rama Rao and Relangi hilariously fool Savitri.

Scene 1: The Recruiter Prank

In this scene, NT Rama Rao and Relangi play the roles of two mischievous friends who plan a prank on Savitri, who portrays the character of a desperate job seeker. NTR and Relangi pose as recruiting officers while interviewing her for a secretary position. They deliberately ask absurd questions and give unexpected responses, leading to hilarious confusion. NTR’s impeccable comic timing and Relangi’s expressions add a touch of brilliance to the scene.

Scene 2: The Language Test

Another comical gem from “Missamma” is the language test scene. NTR, Relangi, and Savitri find themselves in a room where they are tested for their proficiency in various languages. However, the catch is that they are given nonsense words to translate. NT Rama Rao and Relangi make a mockery of the situation, hilariously trying to come up with meaning for the gibberish words. The interplay of dialogues and Savitri’s bewildered reactions make this scene an absolute riot.

Scene 3: The Fake Romance

In this scene, NT Rama Rao and Relangi join forces to tease Savitri by pretending to be in love with her. Both actors showcase their incredible chemistry as they hilariously flirt and profess their love. Savitri, caught in the middle of their shenanigans, tries her best to keep her composure, but fails hilariously. The playful banter, combined with NT Rama Rao and Relangi’s impeccable comic timing, makes this scene an absolute crowd-pleaser.

Scene 4: The Hidden Diligence

In one of the most heartwarming scenes of “Missamma,” NT Rama Rao and Relangi’s characters reveal their true intentions to Savitri’s character. They admit that their initial plan was to fool her for their own amusement, but eventually, they witnessed her sincerity and diligence towards her work. This scene showcases the depth of their characters and the transformation of their relationship. NT Rama Rao and Relangi’s acting prowess shines through as they bring out the emotional aspects of their characters.


“Missamma” remains an iconic film in Telugu cinema, largely due to the brilliant performances of NT Rama Rao, Relangi, and Savitri. The film’s best scenes shine a light on their incredible acting skills, comic timing, and on-screen chemistry. Their ability to make audiences laugh, while also evoking genuine emotions, is a testament to their talent. These scenes continue to be loved and cherished by movie enthusiasts, showcasing the timeless brilliance of these legendary actors.

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