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Nice TOOTH, Bean! | Mr Bean Cartoon Season 1 | Full Episodes | Mr Bean Official


Mr Bean, the beloved character created by British comedian Rowan Atkinson, continues to entertain audiences around the world with his hilarious and unconventional antics. In the video “Nice TOOTH, Bean!” from the first season of the Mr Bean Cartoon Series, viewers are treated to another side-splitting adventure filled with comedy and laughter. Let’s dive into this episode and take a closer look at the funny and memorable moments it presents.

Nice TOOTH, Bean! | Mr Bean Cartoon Season 1 | Full Episodes | Mr Bean Official

The Dentist’s Office

Mr Bean begins this episode with a dental appointment, setting the stage for numerous humorous situations. The keyword here is “dentist’s office.” As soon as he enters, Bean’s phobia of dentists becomes evident through his anxious reactions and attempts to avoid the treatment chair. Through physical comedy and exaggerated facial expressions, Atkinson brilliantly portrays Bean’s fear and creates a relatable yet hilarious situation.

A Game of Golf

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When a dental problem leads to Bean losing a tooth during his appointment, he finds himself with a new form of entertainment – a golf ball. Bean playfully uses the golf ball in the dentist’s office, creating chaos as he swings his club and sends the ball flying into various unexpected places. The absurdity of Bean’s behavior, combined with Atkinson’s impeccable comedic timing, creates laughter-inducing moments.

The Supermarket Chaos

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Leaving the dentist’s office with a gap in his teeth, Bean goes grocery shopping, creating yet another chaotic scenario. Bean’s childlike wonder and curiosity lead him to explore the supermarket using unorthodox methods. He uses the shopping cart in amusing and unpredictable ways, causing disarray and confusion among other shoppers. Atkinson’s physical comedy shines through as he navigates through the aisles, making even the simplest of tasks extraordinarily funny.

The Tooth Fairy

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As the episode progresses, Bean encounters a young boy who believes in the Tooth Fairy. In an attempt to play along and maintain the charm of childhood innocence, Bean takes on the role of the tooth fairy and leaves a shiny coin under the boy’s pillow. This heartwarming and comical interaction highlights Bean’s endearing qualities, showcasing the character’s inherent kindness and willingness to bring joy to others.


In Mr Bean’s video “Nice TOOTH, Bean!”, viewers are treated to a classic episode from the first season of the animated series. Through uproarious physical comedy, memorable facial expressions, and unabashed silliness, Rowan Atkinson breathes life into the beloved character, resulting in endless laughter. Whether it’s at the dentist’s office, on a golf course, or in a supermarket, Mr Bean’s escapades never fail to entertain. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this delightful episode that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

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