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Nethra – Best Scenes | 24 July 2023 | Sun TV | Tamil Serial


Nethra, one of the most popular Tamil serials, aired on Sun TV, has been captivating audiences with its compelling storyline and outstanding performances. On 24 July 2023, the show reached a milestone, presenting some of its best scenes that left viewers spellbound. From heart-wrenching emotional moments to edge-of-the-seat suspense, Nethra delivered an exhilarating episode that kept fans glued to their screens.

Nethra - Best Scenes | 24 July 2023 | Sun TV | Tamil Serial

The Breathtaking Revelation

One of the standout scenes from the episode involved the long-anticipated revelation of a critical secret. The protagonist, Nethra, portrayed beautifully by the talented actress Deepa, finally uncovers the truth about her birth parents. As the truth unfolds, viewers were left in awe of the emotional depth and intensity portrayed by Deepa. Her screen presence along with the gripping dialogues created a powerful moment that will be etched in the minds of fans.

Marked: Deepa

The Captivating Cliffhanger

Nethra has been known for its cliffhanger endings, and the 24 July episode did not disappoint. The writers skillfully crafted a suspenseful scene that kept viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the upcoming episodes. As Nethra finds herself in a perilous situation, facing a life-threatening danger, the episode concluded with a powerful and unexpected twist. The gripping intensity of the scene, coupled with the captivating background score, left fans hungry for more.

Marked: Cliffhanger

The Heart-Melting Love Story

Amidst all the intense drama, Nethra also weaves a beautiful love story that leaves audiences swooning. The chemistry between Nethra and Karthik, portrayed by talented actors Venkat and Shreya, is palpable on screen. In one of the best scenes of the episode, Nethra and Karthik share a tender moment, expressing their love for each other. The heartfelt emotions conveyed by the actors, combined with the picturesque backdrop, created a scene straight out of a fairytale.

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  • Love Story

    The Wise Mentor’s Advice

    Another noteworthy scene featured Nethra seeking guidance from her wise and compassionate mentor, played by renowned actor Rajesh. The mentor imparts valuable advice, encouraging Nethra to face her fears and challenges with determination and resilience. The powerful monologue delivered by Rajesh, with his commanding presence, left viewers inspired and enlightened, ready to embark on their personal journeys with renewed zeal.


    Wise Mentor

    The Unbreakable Bond of Friendship

    Nethra not only explores the complexities of family relationships but also highlights the importance of friendships. In a heartwarming scene, Nethra’s friends come together to support her during a difficult time. Their unwavering loyalty and unbreakable bond were showcased through their actions, dialogue, and genuine concern for Nethra’s well-being. The scene emphasized the significance of true friendship and left viewers with a warm feeling in their hearts.




    The 24 July 2023 episode of Nethra on Sun TV was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, suspense, and love. With its exceptional performances, engaging storyline, and powerful scenes, Nethra remains one of the most beloved Tamil serials. The best scenes from this episode highlighted the talent of the cast and the brilliance of the show’s creators. As fans eagerly await the next episode, Nethra continues to captivate audiences, keeping them hooked to the captivating world it has created.

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