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IKO UWAIS | Best Fight Scenes Clip Compilation


Iko Uwais is an Indonesian actor and martial artist who has gained international recognition for his exceptional fighting skills and on-screen charisma. With his incredible agility, speed, and passion for martial arts, Uwais has mesmerized audiences worldwide through his impressive fight scenes. This article will showcase some of his most remarkable fight scenes, highlighting the strength and versatility of this talented actor.

IKO UWAIS | Best Fight Scenes Clip Compilation

The Raid Redemption – Kitchen Fight Scene

In “The Raid Redemption,” Uwais takes on the role of Rama, a rookie member of a SWAT team fighting against a powerful crime lord. The kitchen fight scene showcases Uwais’ impeccable hand-to-hand combat skills and agility. He effortlessly takes on multiple adversaries, displaying lightning-fast strikes, precise kicks, and seamless movement. Uwais’ natural talent and intense energy make this fight scene a truly jaw-dropping experience.

Merantau – Final Fight Scene

“Merantau” serves as Iko Uwais’ breakout film. In the final fight scene, Uwais portrays Yuda, a young martial artist trying to protect a vulnerable girl from a human trafficking syndicate. This scene showcases Uwais’ mastery of the traditional Indonesian martial art, Silat. The blend of graceful movement and explosive strikes highlights his ability to captivate viewers with his mesmerizing fighting style.

The Raid 2 – Prison Yard Fight Scene

“The Raid 2” is known for its intense and visceral fight scenes, and the prison yard fight scene is a standout moment. Uwais, reprising his role as Rama, must survive a brutal prison yard brawl against a multitude of adversaries. Uwais’ speed and agility are on full display in this scene as he takes down opponents using a combination of Silat, high-flying kicks, and bone-crushing blows. The cinematography and Uwais’ remarkable performance make this fight scene a true masterpiece.

Headshot – Car Escape Fight Scene

In “Headshot,” Uwais plays an amnesiac who becomes the target of a violent crime syndicate. In the car escape fight scene, Uwais demonstrates his ability to choreograph intricate fight sequences. He takes on multiple attackers in a moving vehicle with incredible precision, showcasing his expertise in close-quarters combat and improvisation. Uwais’ impeccable timing and intense fighting skills make this scene a thrilling experience for action enthusiasts.


Iko Uwais’ remarkable fight scenes have solidified his status as one of the most talented martial artists in the movie industry. Through his fluid and captivating fighting style, Uwais continues to astound audiences, leaving them in awe of his incredible skills. Whether it’s showcasing his mastery of Silat or overwhelming opponents with lightning-fast strikes, Uwais consistently delivers unforgettable performances. With each film, he pushes the boundaries of action choreography, raising the bar for future martial arts actors. He is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and his fight scenes will continue to impress and inspire for years to come.

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