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Allare Allari Full Comedy Movie | Venu | AllariNaresh | ParvatiMelton | MallikaKapoor | MovieExpress


Allare Allari is a Telugu comedy film that was released in the year 2007. Directed by Muppalaneni Siva, the movie features a talented ensemble cast including Venu, Allari Naresh, Parvati Melton, and Mallika Kapoor. With its hilarious storyline and entertaining performances, Allare Allari became a hit at the box office, gaining popularity among comedy film enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the details of this laughter-packed film.

Allare Allari Full Comedy Movie | Venu | AllariNaresh | ParvatiMelton | MallikaKapoor | MovieExpress

The Cast and Characters:

Allare Allari brings together a stellar cast, each contributing their comedic prowess to the film. Venu, a versatile actor known for his comedic timing, takes on a pivotal role in the movie. Allari Naresh, popularly known as the “comedy king” of Tollywood, shines in his hilarious character, leaving the audience in splits. Parvati Melton and Mallika Kapoor, talented actresses, play lead female roles, adding glamour and charm to the storyline.

The Plot:
The movie revolves around three primary characters, played by Allari Naresh, Venu, and Parvati Melton. The trio finds themselves in a tricky situation as their lives intertwine due to their shared interest in obtaining an expensive antique idol. The plot takes an interesting turn as the characters discover that this idol holds significant value and can change their lives forever. The movie takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride filled with humor, confusion, and hilarious scenarios.

The Comedy:
As the title suggests, Allare Allari is a comedy extravaganza that guarantees non-stop laughter. The brilliant comedic timing of the cast, along with the witty dialogues and humorous situations, make this movie an absolute treat for comedy lovers. The chemistry between the actors, especially Allari Naresh and Venu, creates an on-screen camaraderie that leaves the audience in stitches.

  • The Music and Choreography:
  • Apart from its comedy, the movie also features catchy and foot-tapping songs composed by popular music director Mallikarjun. The music adds an element of fun to the film and enhances the overall entertainment quotient. The choreography by Prem Rakshith and Dinesh is energetic, further enhancing the visual appeal of the movie.

    The Legacy:

    Allare Allari marked a significant turning point in the careers of many actors associated with the film. It established Allari Naresh as the go-to comedy actor in the Telugu film industry. The movie’s success also paved the way for more comedy-centric films in Tollywood, as it received immense love and appreciation from the audience.


    Allare Allari is a must-watch comedy movie that promises a laughter-filled experience. With a talented cast, hilarious storyline, and memorable performances, it has become a favorite among Telugu comedy film enthusiasts. Whether you are a fan of Allari Naresh, Venu, or simply enjoy a good comedy, this movie is bound to leave you entertained. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a rib-tickling ride with Allare Allari.

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