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Aaraattu – Mohanlal Best Fight Scenes – New South Indian Movies 2022 Full – Movie 2 Watch in English


Aaraattu is an action-packed South Indian movie that showcases Mohanlal’s brilliance as an actor. Known for his incredible fight scenes, Mohanlal leaves the audience in awe with his power-packed performance. This article will delve into some of the best fight sequences from the movie, making it a must-watch for fans of action-packed cinema.

Aaraattu - Mohanlal Best Fight Scenes - New South Indian Movies 2022 Full - Movie 2 Watch

Mohanlal’s Fierce Combat Skills

Mohanlal, once again, proves his mettle in Aaraattu with his impeccable combat skills. His ability to effortlessly blend power, agility, and intensity into his action sequences is truly remarkable. Each fight scene is meticulously choreographed and executed, showcasing Mohanlal’s dedication to his craft.

The Opening Sequence:
The movie opens with a high-octane fight scene that sets the tone for the entire film. Mohanlal, playing the role of a fierce and determined protagonist, engages in a grueling hand-to-hand combat with a group of gangsters. His swift moves and impeccable timing make this scene an absolute treat for action lovers.

The Warehouse Fight:
One of the most adrenaline-pumping fight sequences in the movie takes place in a dimly lit warehouse. Mohanlal finds himself surrounded by a group of armed thugs, showcasing his exceptional fighting skills while effortlessly dodging bullets and delivering powerful blows. The intensity and raw energy in this scene will leave you on the edge of your seat.

  • The Epic One-on-One Duel:
  • In a jaw-dropping one-on-one duel, Mohanlal goes head-to-head with the movie’s main antagonist. This fight scene is an absolute showcase of Mohanlal’s mastery in combat. The battle is fierce and highly choreographed, with Mohanlal displaying his finesse in both offense and defense. It’s a fiery clash that will keep you completely engrossed.

    The Climactic Battle:

    The final fight scene of Aaraattu takes place amidst chaos and destruction. Mohanlal faces off against a horde of adversaries, displaying a stunning blend of his combat skills and unparalleled screen presence. The choreography is top-notch, featuring jaw-dropping stunts and action sequences that will leave you in awe.


    Aaraattu is undoubtedly a movie that showcases Mohanlal’s best fight scenes. His ability to seamlessly integrate power, agility, and intensity into his performances is truly exceptional. Every action sequence in the movie is meticulously choreographed and executed, with Mohanlal’s stellar screen presence adding to the overall impact. If you are a fan of adrenaline-pumping action and Mohanlal’s brilliance as an actor, Aaraattu is a must-watch movie for you.

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